Thursday, November 13, 2008

Separation of Powers and Checks and Balances

SS8CG1 The student will describe the role of citizens under Georgia’s constitution.
a. Explain the basic structure of the Georgia state constitution.
b. Explain the concepts of separation of powers and checks and balances.
c. Describe the rights and responsibilities of citizens.
d. Explain voting requirements and elections in Georgia.
e. Explain the role of political parties in government.

SS8H12 The student will explain the importance of significant social, economic, and political developments in Georgia since 1970.
a. Evaluate the consequences of the end of the county unit system and reapportionment.

Essential Question (s):
How does the Georgia Constitution provide the framework for the rights and responsibilities of citizens and government? (CG1)
How does the structure of Georgia’s government ensure that its citizens are fairly represented? (H12a, CG1c)
How do political parties serve the purposes of voters with different opinions?(12c, CG1e)

Warm up:
What does separation of powers mean?
A: It means the government National, State, Local are divided into three branches the Legislative, Executive and Judicial.

Today in Class:
Today students were introduced to the Constitution of the State of Georgia. We completed a KWL chart regarding it. Students were given a handout that outlined the constitution of the state of Georgia. Students than viewed a copy of the Georgia constitution one the LCD projector. We discussed the structure of the Constitution and the subject material it addresses.

Constitution of the State of Georgia:

Full Power Point Ch. 14:

Our Textbook:

Our text book in Audio Format:

Textbook password:

Write your student Bill of Rights for students at Awtrey Middle School. The Bill of Rights must contain a 2 - 3 sentence preamble and 5 students rights.

EX. We the students of Awtrey Middle School in order to form a better School day....
1. The students of Awtrey Middle School have the right to...
2. The students of Awtrey Middle School have the right to...
etc. etc. etc.

Long term Assignments:
Unit 4 Test Thursday November 20th.

Today in Georgia History:
November 12, 1944 During deliberations by the Constitutional Commission of 1943-44 (which had been created to revise Georgia's Constitution of 1877), commission chairman (and governor) Ellis Arnall made a motion proposing that the new constitution include a local government home rule provision that he and the League of Women Voters had been working on. After much discussion, the motion passed by a narrow 8-7 vote. However, the question of how much power Georgia cities and counties should have to govern themselves from from legislative control would prove to be a controversial issue for the constitutional commission.

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