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Unit 4 Test Results / Unit 5 vocabulary

SS8H5 The student will explain significant factors that affected the development of Georgia as part of the growth of the United States between 1789 and 1840.

a. Explain the establishment of the University of Georgia, Louisville, and the spread of Baptist and Methodist churches.

 b. Evaluate the impact of land policies pursued by Georgia; include the headright system, land lotteries, and the Yazoo land fraud.

c. Explain how technological developments, including the cotton gin and railroads, had an impact on Georgia’s growth.

d. Analyze the events that led to the removal of Creeks and Cherokees; include the roles of Alexander McGillivray, William McIntosh, Sequoyah, John Ross, Dahlonega Gold Rush, Worcester v. Georgia, Andrew Jackson, John Marshall, and the Trail of Tears. 

SS8E1 The student will give examples of the kinds of goods and services produced.

in Georgia in different historical periods.

SS8E2 The student will explain the benefits of free trade.

a. Describe how Georgians have engaged in trade in different historical time periods. 

Essential Question (s):
What role has education and religion played in the development of Georgia and the south?
Where did Georgia get it's land? How did Georgia distribute this land?
Which political scandal put an end to Georgia's westward expansion?
How did technology play a role in Georgia's development?

Warm up: 
Who invented the Cotton Gin?
A: Eli Whitney.

Today in Class:
Today we reviewed the results of Friday's test. Students were given time to finish their Unit 5 vocabulary which they will be tested over on Friday January 30th.

Full Power Point Ch. 6:

Our Textbook:

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Review / study Unit 5 (Ch. 6) vocabulary for Friday's vocabulary quiz.

Long term Assignments:
Quiz over Unit 5 Vocabulary Friday, January 30th.

Today in Georgia History:
January 26, 1838 Seminole chief Osceola died while in prison at Fort Moultrie near Charleston, S.C. Born in the Creek Nation, Osceola and other Creeks migrated into Florida after the Creek War to join the Seminoles. He was a leader in the Second Seminole War (1835-1842). In 1837, Osceola came under a flag of truce to discuss peace, but on command of Gen. Thomas Jesup, U.S. military authorities arrested Osceola and sent him to prison.

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